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Meet Johanna 

After being a full-time mom, having a CPA profession, I decided that it is time to start another stage in my professional life. A place where I can have my own schedule and time. I have chosen to work with the innate beauty that nature offers us. I love its disproportions, shapes, volume, colors.

The Stigma is the part of the flower that sits at the very tip of the style, which connects to the flower at the ovary, where ovules develop into seeds after fertilization. Estigma is the translation in Spanish, never forgetting my roots.

 My purpose is to create while still protecting our environment. I try to use non-invasive methods and do my small part to take care of all the gifts that have been provided to us in nature.


Ph: Jose Cabrera

Estigma Floral Designs

Is a Queens-New York  based floral designs studio specializing in florals with unique styles: garden, whimsical, aesthetic, asymmetric, modern, contemporary.  Where the traditional techniques and floral combinations are a blended with a modern and different

touch of color creating elegant and artful designs. Creating a fusion of "old"

and "modern". Always inspired in Mother Nature.

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